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Shri Sammed Shikharji Jain Tirth Yatra

Le 9 August 2017, 11:03 dans Humeurs 0

Day 1: Patna

Arrival at patna airport . Meet our representative and have breakfast (depends on flight arriving time), then all will transfer to bus to proceed journey towards Shikharji (around 7 hrs). After reaching Shikharji, rooms will be allocate to all. Have lunch and dinner at shikharji and overnight stay. (if flight coming at noon we will serve parcel(pack) jain dinner in travelling


Arrival at Parasnath Railway Station (depends on Train arriving time) Meet our representative, then all will transfer to bus to proceed journey towards Shikharji (around 2 hrs).

Day 2 : Shikharji darshan(Madhuban sightseeing) After breakfast visit ;

Taleti, Jahaj Mandir, Kanch Mandir, Museum, 20 jinalay, Bhaktambar Mandir, New/ old bhumiyaji Mandir, Samvasharan, Digambar Mandir, Dharam Mangal University

Lunch and dinner, overnight stay. Click here

Day 3 : Shikharji Pahad Yatra


Early morning at (3:00 hrs) proceed for pahad yatra explore the natural beauty of pahad’s, holy bath, rituals, puja, darshan. Since it is a land of penance and of nirvana of 20 tirthankaras, many munies and sadhus, every particle of this land is great holy. A touch of this land purifies the human birth. Sculpture of footprints are present there. Here is temple of shree Samaliya Parshwanath called as Jal Mandir. Chandraprabhu swami and parahwanath tonk are the highest one.

(Only dinner for this day will be served by us, yatris have to arrange there breakfast and lunch on pahad)

Day 4 : Shikharji – Rujuwalika – Rajgir (around 200 km 4 hrs)


After breakfast visit Rujuwalika (30 mins). Visit shree Mahavir Swami Temple, where he attained Enlightenment. After Darshan proceed Rajgir. Evening reach Rajgir, overnight stay.

Lunch and dinner will be served at respective places.

Day 5 : Rajgir Darshan (sightseeing)

After breakfast proceed to Mahavir swamiji Golden temple and Navlakha Temple, After puja proceed for pahad yatra. Enjoy  Garam pani kund bath, ropeway, japanese temple, viraytan  and explore other places on your own.

Lunch dinner and overnight stay at rajgir.

Day 6 : Rajgir – Lachhwad (86 km ) – Guniyaji (72 km) – Rajgir (23 km)


Early morning at 4:00hrs proceed for lachhwad (4 hrs). After breakfast visit Shatriyakund pahad yatra, birth place of shree mahavir swami, holy bath, rituals, puja, darshan at Taletima Chhavan, diksha kalyanak darshan.

After lunch, proceed to Guniyaji the niravana place of Gautam swami.

Dinner at rajgir and overnight stay

Day 7 : Rajgir – Kundalpur Nalanda – pavapuri


After breakfast, proceed towards kundalpur have darshan and explore the beautiful Nalanda university. After that proceed for pavapuri have holy bath, rituals , puja. Explore pavapuri’s jal temple and various other temple.

Lunch, dinner and overnight stay.

Next day morning, all yatris will be drop at patna airport. From their all will proceed for the home with having wonderful memories of tour and share their precious experience with their beloved ones.


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What is Business Coaching and What Can it Do for You?

Le 5 August 2017, 10:45 dans Humeurs 0


We all agree that it can be lonely at the top or on your own, business coaching offers a partner in the process, a sharing of views with someone who knows the ropes, who has experienced similar business challenges and has triumphed.

A Trusted advisor, friend, teacher, wise person -the mentor relationship can provide all of these at the times when they are most needed. Helping you gain fresh insights into problems and decision making, through impartial, objective discussion and feedback. This means:

  • Your energy is better focused
  • You reduce the level of risk in making business decisions
  • You make positive progress quicker
  • You have a sounding board for your new ideas and projects
  • You also have somebody who can challenge you, add to your skills, maintain your motivation and celebrate your successes.


The business coach is truly objective and brings a unique experience of life and business to bear on the multitude of issues any leader or someone on the way up in business encounters, from that important presentation, hiring and firing, to building a productive team and making a real difference in the business.

Learning directly and one-on-one from someone with real-life and business experience is the best way for most people to gain knowledge and improve their success rate.

In short, a business coach /mentor is someone who is available when you want him/her and whom you can trust totally to tell it like it is. Business mentoring is a rewarding positive experience, which not only supports your business growth but helps you develop personally too.

What you can expect from a Business Coach?

In a typical month on the one to one Coaching program your business coach might be:

• Assisting you with drawing up a your marketing strategy for fast growth

• Reviewing the business strategy

• Chairing a monthly management or board meeting to add clarity and direction

• Checking marketing copy to give it greater impact and bite

• Interviewing a potential employee to give a valuable second opinion

• Implementing a professional staff performance review process

• Writing a blueprint to successfully turn round a business in trouble

• Accompanying my client on a sales call to observe and add value

• Critiquing an important sales or board presentation

• Holding a weekly ‘check in’ or even a daily one if things get critical

• Establishing a sound financial planning process which is essential in any business

• Providing a second opinion on something which has cropped up that day

In all these interactions the sole purpose of the Business Coach is to fully understand the

requirement and to add value from a wealth of experience in a multitude of business situations to enable you the Business owner prosper and succeed in your business

Business Coaches also focus on helping employees to obtain success in their professional lives. People who work in a business oriented field are always looking for new and innovative methods to develop better business skills. This includes communication with management and other employees, as well as becoming more confident that they can succeed. There are many daily challenges that employees face that can be daunting and intimidating. Business coaching helps people to face all the challenges of each day and learn to turn ideas into strategies and solutions. When employees become more confident through business coaching they learn to integrate new business ideas into the work place, help to increase the success and profits of the company, be more productive, and learn how to market themselves within the company.

Say yes to MyBusinessCoach today and let's start growing the successful entrepreneur in you enabling you to succeed, excel and prosper in your business with multiple streams of income on demand every month

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Bibi Apampa is a top Business Coach / Mentor. She has helped many people start and grow their own business and create multiple streams of income with an exclusive Business Mentoring program. Visit for more information